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A wonderful tool

This wonderful tool came to my aid yet once again. Great app. Thanks!

Intuitive and works as expected

I’m really happy to have purchased this software. The interface is intuitive, direct to the point and most importantly works as advertised. Helped me troubleshoot conflicting networks, will definitely keep it around and recommend it.

Handy tool that is easily used and applied

I love this tool. It gives great insight into the otherwise invisible universe of wifi. I have been a user for several years and still come back to use when I go somewhere to look at wifi availability. There is good speedy support too. Some of the metrics are above my head, but I have learned a lot over the years using it. I have especially appreciated seeing when my one of my old routers had an irregular signal strength. I have also been able to site new ones to get better signal strength. The geek in me loves to see what networks are around in a new location too. Five solid stars from me.

Brilliant tool for the Professional

I work as a wireless engineer for a large Wi-Fi vendor. This is my go-to tool for doing quick sanity checks and making sure that radio settings are correct. The ability to drill down into the Information Elements in the Beacons as well as the ability to extract information from them like QBSS load etc onto the customizable dashboard layout really sets this tool apart form any of its competitors. If you are a wireless engineer or are looking to get into the business of installing/maintaining/administering WLANs and you own a Mac, this should be the first tool you install.

Fantastic App for measuring WiFi connectivity

This is a fantastic app to help perform site surveys, or even just know which wifi access point to connect to. Signal strength is important, but throughput is too, and WiFi Explorer can quickly help you determine which network is going to provide the best signal strength, speed, and connection type, and it does so interactively.

Simple, fast, capable. Highly recommended!

This app meets all of my wifi scanning needs, and more. Simple and reliable, too.

As a wireless professional, this is a must have application

If you ever work with wireless networks, you need to get this software. This provides a lot of the features you need for troubleshooting issues, and makes it easy for even non-WiFi experts to understand. If you consider yourself a wireless expert, and you don’t have this software…now is your chance to rectify the situation. Updates are always thoughtfully implemented. Looking forward to seeing new features as Adrian adds them.

Fantastic tool for channel scanning

I’ve used this app for many years. The developer continues to evolve the product while maintaining the tried and true UI and functionality. This is my GO-TO tool for finding empty frequencies when configuring WiFi access points.

Totally comprehensive

Gives you a quick and clear view of what’s going on in the WiFi space making it easy to identify congestion and confirm suspicions. A diagnostic esential.

Great App

I have had this app for years. It is very simple to use. This app is perfecet for anyone that wants to know about their wi-fi network. Cobalt389

Great Wi-Fi Diagnostic APP

If you need a tool providing professional level wi-fi analysis, this is the perfect app. Currently this is installed on my macbook air under OS X Sierra . I was expanding my home and bought this to help me determine whether there was enough wi-fi coverage for the new areas being built. Using the app enabled me to capture the metrics and analysis needed to determine the coverage was required. Since I have coax broadband, I decided on bridging my house using the cable (moCa) connections and placed a moCa network extender in one of the upstairs rooms that would provide coverage to the new space. Unfortunately the network extender wi-fi broadcasting has gone south after 3 months. The app became useful again to show me exactly what was going on with the wi-fi on the device. So it has become an invaluable diagnostic tool. The app visually demonstrated an network condition known as “flapping” where signaling drops and comes back. Because of this condition on the wi-fi components of the device a reliable wi-fi connection cannot be maintained. Still working to get his resolved with the cable vendor but the app is the perfect too for this kind of analysis.

Incredibly helpful

Given our strong reliance on wifi in our lives, the $20 is well worth it. With this app you’ll be able to: 1) Find the best location in your home for your wifi router. 2) Pick the best channels to use. 3) Quickly find all the open (and best) wifi networks when you are on the go.

10.6.8 Mac Mini . Awaiting solution

The new release might not be fully operational with my 10.6.8 system and Mac mini Macintosh. Awaiting for Adrian Granados support to solve the problem. No wifi detection and quit application with crash report.

Excellent : pour configurer plusieurs wifi / to help to configure several wifi networks

Excellent pour aider à configurer plusieurs émetteurs wifi Permet déviter de diffuser sur les mêmes canaux wifi, surtout si on utilise le même nom pour permettre le roaming dans la zone (Lorsquon a plusieurs émetteurs wifi, il faut utiliser différents canaux). Ce logiciel permet de visualiser graphiquement les plages de canaux utilisés. Particulièrement pratique lorsquon utilise une ou plusieurs box ADSL qui difusent des réseaux "hotspot" (comme freewifi et freewifi_secure") et des émetteurs supplémentaires dans différentes pièces du bâtiment (immeuble, grande maison, hôtel…) *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Excellent to help to configure several wifi transmitters Allows to avoid to use the same wifi channels, particularly if you use the same network name to allow roaming in the zone (If you have several wifi transmitter you have to use different channels) This software allows to visualise graphically the various channel range used around you. Particularly useful if you use one or more ADSL boxes who supply hotspots (like freewifi and freewifi_secure (France)) in addition of other wifi broadcasters in various rooms of your building (several flats, hotel, large villa…)


One of the best tools I’ve used on Mac ! Helped me a lot in my work ! Keep up the good job, Adrian.

Great app

Great, Very nice to look arround, choose the best channel for your wifi and ajust configuration details, like dbm and etc… Should have a fast channel rating, so the app would suggest the best channel to create a wifi network. It would be nice if it could schan the rate that your wifi is working at the moment, not only the rates it is possible to work Example: on data rates details, show all rates that the router is possible to work and bold the rate that it is working at the moment…. It would be very nice to add this suggestions on next update Anyway, I like it.

Want the round graphs back

I updated to the 1.4.0 version, unfortunately. Now I get those trapezoid graphs, which I totally dislike. The round graphs looked much better. Theres a lot of WiFi traffic in my vicinity, the round graphs gave me an optically better, comprehensive overview; I was very happy with that layout. Theres too much overlay with the trapezoid graphs.


You only got five stars, because there is no option to give more. Hits all the right spots. Great design and interface. Has all the functions and features you need Does not provide clutter or things that you would not need. Ought to be an example of how to write a sensible app in a professional and slick manner. If you do not already have this app, i can strongly reccommend that you buy it.

Doesnt support my USB wifi Stick

I use a usb wifi stick because my built in wifi doesn´t work anymore. This is not supported by the app...

Great tool - works as expected

Works as expected!

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